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Hortensia Corredoira, Visiting Practitioner

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Hortensia Corredoira, Visiting Practitioner

Hortensia's work treating elite athletes as the team osteopath and physiotherapist with FIJLKAM over the past years has provided her with the experience and knowledge for treating injuries. Evidence has shown her that stress, emotions and un-channeled trauma impact the body directly, resulting in disease and physical damage. She has evolved her technique, leaning towards more inclusive and holistic treatments to release stress. Her patients range from elite sportsmen to elderly, children and complex cases.

Osteopathic Therapy - for Emotional and Physical Pain Relieve
You are more than just the sum of your body parts. That’s why osteopaths practice a “whole person” approach to health care. Osteopathy relies on manual contact for diagnosis and treatment. It respects the relationships of body, mind and spirit in health and disease; it lays emphasis on the body’s intrinsic tendency for self-healing.

Over time, evidence has shown Hortensia that stress, emotions and un-channeled trauma directly impact the body and results in disease and physical damage. Her techniques mix micro massage and drainage work and joint manipulation, yielding good results particularly in cases of disabilities, emotional stress such as anxiety, sleep disorder, stomach and digestion problems plus headache, back pain, joint pain, scars treatment resutling from partum cesarean, surgical operations, for pregnant women and postpartum.

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