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VP Liam Harkness

Liam Harkness, Visiting Practitioner

Liam graduated as a sports therapist from Exeter College in 1995 and specializes in exercise rehabilitation and preventative care. He is a member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists (FHT) and has recently been invited as a course examiner for FHT programs in Asia. In 2010 Liam met Aaron Mattes at a training seminar in Hong Kong and Aaron's AIS work revolutionized his approach to injury treatment and optimum performance.

Under the tutelage of Aaron Mattes, Liam worked and studied at Aaron’s clinic in Sarasota Florida. Liam now runs Aaron's AIS workshops in Asia for clients like the National Sports Institute and gives seminars and workshops at international wellness and sports medical conventions in the region. Privately, Liam's passion for guiding clients on their individual path to optimum health has taken him all across the globe studying modalities like holistic lifestyle coaching and visceral manipulation.  at the World re-known.

Myofascial Release
Treatment begins with you being induced into a semi-sleep state enabling the therapist to better connect with your own intuitive healing system. This process encourages a deeper level of healing on both the physical and emotional planes as the therapist works on the parasympathetic plane to uncover and release energy blockages in the neuromuscular and digestive systems. During treatment you will be aware of the subtle rhythms and strokes as the therapist restores

balance back to the body with a combination of deep tissue work and fascial unwinding. The session ends with Cranial Osteopathy to reboot the neuromuscular system into accepting the physiological changes or adjustments that occurred during the treatment. This therapy is deeply relaxing as it works with the body to facilitate healing leaving the patient feeling lighter and refreshed!

Active Isolated Stretching
This optimum performance technique is used by the Worlds top athletes to release bio mechanical stress and heal old injuries and scar tissue. Each joint is methodically worked through it's range of motion to improve suppleness and strength leaving the patient feeling energized and ready for action. AIS is used as a pre-event warm up to connect the mind and body with the breath and is very popular with athletes like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Maria Sharapova and Michael Phelps. If you exercise regularly and are looking for a boost in performance that goes beyond the benefits of a massage then try a session of Active Isolated Stretching.

This exercise class has been designed to offset the postural strains picked up in the workplace. It strengthens the muscles that are weakened by sitting at a desk for long hours while opening up the tight anterior fascia that leads to common postural syndromes like upper crossed syndrome and kyphosis.

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