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Muayad Najemeddin, Visiting Practitioner

VP Muayad

Muayad Najemeddin, Visiting Practitioner

Muayad is specialized in the healing art of Tibetan singing bowls and a certified yoga teacher, massage therapist and Reiki practitioner. He has touched the life of many clients with the inspiration to start their self-healing journey through signature experiences based on their daily lifestyle, areas of stress within the body and energy blockages. His individual treatments and group sessions are filled with an abundance of energy that creates a new experience of peace, relaxation and rejuvenation.

Singing Bowls Relaxation (Group Session): showers your body with healing sounds, using singing bowls from Nepal that are each made of eight metals and crafted under the full moon light to blend the energy of the universe into the body.

Purifying Vibrations: placing the full-moon singing bowls on specific areas of your body, the sound frequency and vibrations will sink deep within to cleanse and empower each chakra.

The Ultimate Therapy: combines the healing elements of meditation, Reiki, massage, and singing bowls that leaves you feeling rejuvenated with a pure self-connection.

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