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Napath Theechanthuek, Visiting Practitioner


Napath Theechanthuek, Visiting Practitioner

Napath was born in the North East of Thailand and has spent the last 18 years traveling the globe providing a mix of therapeutic and relaxing massage specializing pain relief. Napath believes strongly in the holistic approach and treating each guest as an individual.

Balancing Thai Therapy
Clears energy blockages and provides deep relaxation by using Tok-Sen techniques which involves tapping on meridian lines combined with hot stone massage, acupressure and stretching techniques. Ends with a relaxing uplifting facial or a focus area of your choice.

Age Defying Facial
Using the anti-aging effects of gold leaf along with stimulating and uplifting techniques to work on deep muscle layers on the face, combining with lymphatic drainage techniques to bring out toxins.

Hot Stone Therapy
A full body and face massage that uses hot stones to instill a deep level of calm while relaxing tight muscles, removing blockages and dissolving stress.

Traditional Thai Massage
Techniques focusing on pressure points and gentle body stretching along the body’s energy channels; offered fully- clothed and without oil.

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