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Wellness Hotel in Turkey | Six Senses Anti-Aging Program

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Holistic Anti-Aging Program

This program combines the knowledge of scientific advances in nutrition, fitness and neuroscience with the wisdom from the communities with the longest-lived individuals and promotes a healthy, balanced body and mind.

The program consists of three key stages: cleanse, restore and nourish. This is an active journey, which starts with a wellness screening, and a skin and sleep analysis so that experts can personalize the program to suit specific needs. Self-guided activities embrace mindfulness and include mental cleanse, journaling and affirmation practices, encouraging guests to look at themselves without judgment and celebrate what they see. The accompanying nutritional plan is based on an anti-inflammatory approach, using fresh, mineral rich foods that are abundant in antioxidants to fight free radical damage to skin, hair and nails. Through this program, guests will understand that outer beauty comes from a healthy body and a happy mind, just as much as proper skincare.

Three-night program

  • Wellness screening, 45 minutes
  • Skin analysis, 30 minutes
  • Sleep tracking
  • Personal consultation, 30 minutes
  • 1 x Personalized facial (cleansing, restoring, nourishing), 75 minutes
  • 2 x Personalized facial (cleansing, restoring, nourishing), 90 minutes
  • 2 x Personalized body treatment, 60 minutes
  • 1X Personalized body treatment, 90 minites
  • 3 x Personalized fitness or wellness activities, 60 minutes
  • NormaTec recovery session, 30 minutes
  • Full board wellness cuisine
  • Supplements
  • Unlimited access to hydrotherapy experiences
  • Access to complimentary group wellness and fitness classes

Five, seven and longer-day programs are also available.

For more information and reservation please call +90 252 511 00 30 or email reservations-kaplankaya@sixsenses.com


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