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Spa Experts

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Combining some of the best holistic treatments with the healing benefits of the surrounding environment plus the expert knowledge of our spa team, our wellness programs will set you on a path towards a healthier lifestyle.

Wellness Screening

Start your journey to wellness with a non-invasive health screening, which measures your key physiological biomarkers. Our experts use the results to create a meaningful program specific to your individual needs.

60 minutes / TRY 380

Book now on reservations-kaplankaya@sixsenses.com

Holistic Anti-Aging Program

Embark on a holistic journey to a more vibrant and wholesome you.Look at yourself in a new light, appreciate and celebrate your own beauty and acquire invaluable tips and tools from some of the world’s leading experts in the field.

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Weight Loss Program

Want to shed a few pounds, reenergize and get more out of your life? In this program, you’ll learn the importance of balanced nutrition, exercise and a healthy mind; and how to sustain this routine once you return home.

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Meet some of the best experts in alternative medicine, offering physical and spiritual therapies to help you address health concerns, achieve a better state of mind and enjoy a more fulfilling life.

Muyad Najemeddin, Visiting Practitioner

Muayad’s traditional practices and holistic approach to healing has touched many of his guests’ lives during their self-healing journeys. He specializes in the healing art of Tibetan singing bowls and is certified as a yoga teacher, massage therapist and reiki practitioner. These modalities have given him the knowledge and tools to create bespoke signature experiences for his guests based on their specific needs.

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Sabine Kauker, Visiting Practitioner

Sabine is a “workingnomad” and her main aim is assisting each individual in getting back to a happy, healthy and self-determined life. Her holistic healing work is based on a rather special fundament represented by the alchemy of: highest demands towards herself, gifted hands, a unique “working-tool-box“ and 20 years of intuitive healing work experience around the globe at award-winning hotels, training Spa and coaching management teams with passionate ambition.

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Suraj Varma, Visiting Practitioner

Suraj first learned about the healing and positive energy of Ayurveda from his family, who have been Ayurvedic practitioners for many generations in Kerala. He did his post-graduate Ayurvedic studies at the prestigious Ayurvedic Hospital at Coimbatore in Kerala where he worked with some of India’s top Ayurvedic physicians. Suraj’s natural healing ability caught the attention of Dr. Mosaraf Ali, the founder of The Integrated Medical Centre in London, later joining Dr. Ali`s celebrated practice. 

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We have a selection of special offers available throughout the month and beyond so get in touch with our spa team and plan your relaxing experience in advance.

Personalized Facial Special

Book a 60-minute personalized facial from Biologique Recherche and receive a complimentary skin consultation.

Personal Training Packages

Meet a personal trainer to discuss your goals and limitations, and explore how to improve your cardio, strength and mobility during personalized workout sessions.

  • Book five sessions (60 minutes) for TRY 1,280 (a saving of TRY 320)
  • Book 10 sessons (60 minutess) for TRY 2,560 (a saving of TRY 640)

Kinesis Packages

Experience the kinesis movement system to build strength and endurance, and improve balance and flexibility.

  • Book five sessions (60 mins) for TRY 1,280 (a saving of TRY 320)
  • Book 10 sessons (60 mins) for TRY 2,560 (a saving of TRY 640)

Spa Treatment Highlights


Our massages offer truly individual journeys during which you will discover the power of a healing touch from skilled therapists and attain the quintessential body and mind balance.

Deep Tissue Massage

This massage releases stress, eases muscle tension, boosts circulation and improves mobility, as well as muscle and skin tone. It targets the areas of concern specified by a guest and works therapeutically into deeper muscle layers, addressing trigger points with gentle pressure and release techniques. Silicone cups, hot stones or warm compresses might be used in the treatment, depending on the individual’s need. 

Movement Restoration Massage

Improve mobility and flexibility with a full body massage combining pressure point techniques with gentle stretching to increase the range of motion and allow the body to release built-up tension. 

Thai Massage

Using slow, gentle, rocking movements, the massage therapist applies compression with thumbs, palms, elbows, knees and feet. Please wear loose-fitting clothes. 


Glowing skin is an outward reflection of your inner health and to help you achieve this, our facials do more than just treat the surface.

Personalized Facial

This bespoke facial is designed to suit individual skin type and skincare concerns, using products and sophistication of techniques; different movement techniques best suited to deliver desired results.

Cellular Exclusive Lift Concept

This five-step lifting treatment offers immediate results. A highly concentrated formula works to promote firmness and diminish wrinkles.

Cellular Men’s Treatment

This deep cleansing and rejuvenating facial treatment is designed especially for a man’s skin. It ensures protection from razor burn, skin sensitivity and dullness.

Wellness Therapies

Let our skilled therapists introduce you to a menu of specialist treatments offering a personalized journey of healing and rejuvenation, and resulting in a higher sense of well-being.


A profoundly moving and relaxing aquatic therapy, combining therapeutic benefits of warm water with elements of muscle stretching, shiatsu, yoga and meditation.

Authentic Turkish Rasul

Cleanse the body with purifying mud in the steam chamber and follow with a full body massage for complete relaxation. 

Signature Hammam

A cleansing and refreshing experience starting with a scalp ritual including a rejuvenating hair mask.

It continues with exfoliation using a black soap and loofah to stimulate and re-hydrate the skin.
Includes: Steam, Hair Wash, Hair Mask, Black Soap with Kasa Scrub, Foaming Body and Hair Wash.



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