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Healing Retreat- Six Senses Samui, Thailand

Six Senses Samui - Dr. Buathon SSSPA Singing Bowl SSSMU Singing bowl Singing Bowl

Healing Retreat

Recharge and enhance energies

Treat yourself to the true nature of Samui and understand the profound connection of body and mind with holistic practitioner Dr. Buathon Thienarrom, through physical alignment and energy enhancement with the sound vibration of singing bowls.

Six Senses Samui is delighted to welcome wellness practitioner Dr. Buathon Thienarrom who will provide an inspiring program of holistic therapies. Exclusively healing through an integration of body and mind awareness that will enable guests to release physical and emotional tensions and achieve a deeper level of mind relaxation and spiritual well-being.

Dr. Buathon brings extensive knowledge in Alternative Medicine, Taoist Practice and Tibetan Medicine. With an impressive background in nursing, psychology and health sociology, she seeks to deliver the integration of body, mind and spirit. Dr. Buathon has shared her passion of healing practice with celebrities and royal family members in the Middle East.

60 minutes / THB 5,900++ per guest
90 minutes / THB 7,900++ per guest
Experience her signature ZenNaTai treatment designed to improve the flow of energy-giving “qi” throughout the body, release physical and emotional tension and detox the abdominal area. This treatment promotes better digestion and sleep quality.

Mind Transformation
60 minutes / THB 5,900++ per guest
The mind is the master of the body. While a healthy mind can enhance physical wellness, an unhealthy mind that is, in Tibetan medical terms, ‘tainted’ by the ‘three mental poisons’ of attachment, hatred and closed-mindedness, is often the cause of disease. Mind Transformation promotes emotional wellness through conscious breathing, unlocking your “unfinished matter,” and transforming your stress and emotions into vitality. This treatment promotes mental clarity and self-empowerment.

Dr. Buathon will be at Six Senses Samui from July 16 to 30, 2019

Please contact our spa team at wellm-samui@sixsenses.com for more details or for a complimentary holistic consultation with Dr. Buathon, to understand the connection of your body and mind.


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