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Phimwanida Photun - Six Senses Samui, Thailand

SSSMU Master Phimwanida

Master Phimwanida Photun

Thai Lanna Heritage Master

Visiting practitioner, Phim, will be at Six Senses Samui from August 1 to 30, 2019. If you would like to experience the real Thai Lanna massage, please do not miss the chance to have a session or two with her!

Master Phim has over 30 years of experience in passing on the knowledge of Thai Lanna massage technique to her students. She is also an expert in Thai Lanna Wisdom and the creator of Thai Lanna massage technique, which has been accepted nationwide. She has consistently received many awards from the Thai Government for creating jobs for local villagers in the North of Thailand by applying the principles of King Rama 9. Her signature treatments are Thai Lanna Healing and Thai Lanna Heritage Therapy, which are rare to find in our modern world.

Thai Lanna Healing
120 minutes / THB 7,900++

This treatment focuses on the whole body. It works on the major energy lines, known as ‘sen’, which runs through the body. By loosening blockages, the massage will help harmonize the body and recuperate any deficiencies of the energy lines. Just as Chinese medicine uses acupuncture to help revive health, Thai Lanna Healing uses similar system of pressure points to help heal and relieve stress. The Prana, or life energy, is allowed to freely circulate through the body. This treatment is recommended for those who have or suffer from sprains, cramps, joint and body aches, and migraines.

For more information please call +66 7724 5678 or email wellm-samui@sixsenses.com.


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