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Winds of Change at Zighy Bay


Winds of Change at Zighy Bay

Innovating and transforming, this summer!

A new live kitchen for Spice Market, a bigger space for Chaica’s and Al Feetean’s club, an expanded Earth Lab and a whole new identity for The Retreats and The Private Reserve; all set for completion by September 2019.

Six Senses Zighy Bay turned 10 in November 2018 and over our first decade has enjoyed seamlessly blending in with the Musandam Peninsula. Living the spirit of the region, it has remained relatively as originally planned and in perfect sync with its surroundings. As the world around us changes, we decided to stay a step ahead and look at a raft of new offerings for our guests. Our main kitchens, Spice Market and Summer House will be enhanced to offer even a greater variety of fresh and exciting menus and new dishes thanks to the upgrades. Our chefs are very excited for more opportunities to wow guests. Chaica’s kid’s club will be moved to near the Al Feetean’s teen club to create more fun for children and added ease for parents. With a new Earth Lab, kids will learn and explore sustainable activities like soap making, pottery and gardening alongside all the other outdoor recreations. The saltwater pool will be refurbished and will continue to offer guests the unique opportunity of floating in super-salty water, which can help detoxify the body and ease muscle tension. The entire main beach will also be rejuvenated and will offer additional seamless access to the ocean from anywhere in the resort. The two Retreats and The Private Reserve will be revamped with a fresh aesthetic and never-before seen features at the resort. 

Beginning on June 10, 2019, the first phase of the works will focus on the kitchens, kids’ clubs, Earth Lab and saltwater pool, and will wrap up by August 30, 2019. Between August 31 and October 15, 2019, one of the Retreats and The Private Reserve will be renovated while the rest of the resort will be back in full swing. We understand when visiting us you are on holiday and want to make the most of your time to find rest and relaxation. To ensure your expectations, we will limit the number of available rooms as well as try and allocate your room as far away from any areas under renovation as possible. Both Chaica’s and Al Feetean’s clubs will be moved to a temporary facility within the resort. Facing an expanse of beach, the pool and the Private Reserve will be the ultimate relaxation spots and will be available for all guests.

For more information, please call +968 2673 5555 or email reservations-zighy@sixsenses.com.


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