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Seychelles 5 Star Resorts | Félicité's New organic Garden

Six Senses Zil Pasyon - Grand Anse 20180725

Félicité’s “new” Organic Garden

Herbs, vegetables and a chicken palace

Six Senses Zil Pasyon has reimagined the patch of land at the second entrance to Grand Anse Beach with a revitalized organic garden to supplement the kitchen more than ever before.

The engineering, landscaping, food and beverage and sustainability teams have been working closely together over the past few months to rework the organic garden on Félicité. The garden has been designed to increase production, while also providing a space that guests can explore and discover during their stay at the resort. New additions to the garden include several beds specially dedicated to growing herbs, walkable plots for a variety of vegetables and a chicken palace, which will house nesting chickens for fresh eggs.

In the six raised herb beds, basil, fennel, dill and mint are already growing. In the patches around the garden, several vegetables are in the growth progress. The garden is continuing to develop day by day with lettuce, aubergine, pumpkins, okra and chilies being almost ready for harvesting.

The chicken palace, better known to some as a chicken coup, is our extravagant housing for the nesting chickens that will soon be arriving on Félicité and who have been procured in order to provide our guests with fresh eggs. The palace is so named due to its size, which will provide generous space for the greatest comfort, in addition to a large outdoor fenced area to allow the chickens to roam freely in their off-time. Just outside the chicken palace, which comes complete with a glass wall to allow guests to have a peek inside, a terrace and picnic tables will be aptly placed so that guests can relax while exploring the garden.

Additionally, as the garden is placed close to Grand Anse, the longest beach on the island, the garden will offer facilities for guests to have a bite to eat or as an interactive destination breakfast spot. Guests could collect their own eggs, harvest their selection of vegetables and pick flavorful herbs for their perfect omelet.

The Grow With Six Senses program will also benefit from the revamped garden, with many junior guest experiences under development. The garden will be a great place for kids to plant, harvest or eat farm-fresh veggies, as well as learn about sustainability and wellness.

For more inormation please call +248 467 1000 or email reservations-zilpasyon@sixsenses.com.


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