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Introducing Eat With Six Senses

Wellness programs at Six Senses

The recent launch of Eat With Six Senses has just reached Seychelles. Guests staying at Six Senses Zil Pasyon can now experience a healthier stay without compromising on taste.

Based on the guiding principles of natural ingredients, local and sustainable, and less is more, Eat With Six Senses helps guests to reconnect with food safe in the knowledge that it’s good for them and good for the world around them. The concept behind this initiative is much greater than a restricted way of eating; instead, it allows guests to return from their holiday feeling better than when they arrived – without regressing to just salads. Special menus have been crafted using only the best ingredients - local and sustainable produce – and explore some of the local flavors and staples of the archipelago that the resort calls home.

As a first step into this immersive journey, Six Senses Zil Pasyon is adding daily specials to its menu. From March, guests staying at the resort can get a taste of the program by choosing the EWSS special, which follow the guiding principles, served during breakfast, lunch and dinner at Island Café.

The program features four meal plans, including Sleep & Resilience, Trim & Fit, Clean & Detox and Full Potential. Sleep & Resilience focuses on guests who want to increase their sleep quality. Guests following this meal plan should feel revitalized, well-rested and positive. The Cleanse & Detox program is designed for guests wanting to cleanse and detoxify the system from any pollutants. Guest should feel energized and fresh when eating in-line with this program. The Trim & Fit meals are made to maximize muscle gain while reducing fat mass. Guests are also encouraged to follow a fitness plan while dining with this program’s guidelines for increased results. The Full Potential wellness program is an all-encompassing program that combines elements of all programs. It is best for guests who are looking for guidance to enhance their overall health and fitness level. 

Meals served at Island Café will specify the program which they follow. With a selection of inspired dishes to choose from, like mushroom scrambled eggs with grilled asparagus or pan seared job fish with roasted cauliflower puree and avocado salsa, being healthy while on holiday has never been easier.

For more information please call +248 467 1000 or email reservations-zilpasyon@sixsenses.com.


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