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Spa Sensory Suites

Sound Suite
Lie back into a healing vibroacoustic lounger while sound vibrations resonate through your body at a deep cellular level, encouraging muscles to let go of tension, circulation to improve and brainwaves and blood pressure to rebalance. There’s also a guided singing bowl and chimes relaxation session.

Sight Suite
Luxuriate under lamps that assist in regulating the body’s natural circadian rhythm: The Awake & Alert luminaire promotes natural alertness, energy and focus. GoodNight supports a healthy and restful sleep. The light mask uses monochromatic light to upgrade the brain’s mental software - the perfect antidote to modern light pollution.

Touch Suite
Connect to your sense of touch through the natural element of water in the flotation pod – the focal point of this suite. The buoyancy created within the pod removes the effects of gravity on the body, bringing them closer to a feeling of total weightlessness. This enables the mind to drift into a deep state of relaxation to reduce stress and promote healing.

Smell Suite
Sample and reconnect with the smells of nature through therapeutic herbs, spices and essential oils. You will be guided through an entire menu of aromatic ingredients, picking their favorites to blend into bespoke products. These can include the hair masks, body scrubs and wraps used during a treatment.

Taste Suite
Get your taste buds zinging in a suite dedicated to a variety of Hammam therapies. You will sample a medley of tastes and ingredients – choosing the ones you want to use in your own products and treatments.

Beyond Suite
This is the place to set your mind free through a series of guided yoga, stretching and breathing techniques. You can continue with a singing bowl therapy, which helps relieve the symptoms of stress and can be used for pain relief, muscle tension, joint aches, insomnia, water retention and other ailments.



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