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Global Wellness Day - Six Senses Spas

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Global Wellness Day

We honor the things that have the most meaning to us with a special day, so why should healthy living be any different? Thanks to Global Wellness Day, you can say “yes” to wellness on June 11 with a whole range of activities at Six Senses Spas around the world.

Celebrated since 2012, the fundamental purpose of this day is to show that wellness is not a luxury but a necessity: a human right. It’s ok to hit the pause button (even if for just one day). Global Wellness Day helps us think about living well both physically and spiritually by getting away from bad habits and the stresses of modern life. By realizing that we can change our life with the right tools such as exercise, healthy eating and spiritual teachings, we can start to enjoy it!

We have prepared a wide range of complimentary wellness activities for both adults and children. If you’re in the mood to move, we’re offering yoga, Tai Chi, forest walking and fitness classes. If stillness is more your thing, spend a moment of calm with meditation, massage or a variety of treatments. You can also take part in workshops on healthy eating and botanical alchemy. Depending on the location, enjoy them at sunrise or sunset, on the beach, in the forest or on the jetty. Each spa team has chosen a special location that is just right for evoking a sense of well-being.

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