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Melody, Wellness Practitioner

Singing Bowl SSSPA Singing Bowl Hot stones on skin

Malida, Resident Practitioner

Himalayan Singing Bowl Massage
60 minutes / THB 6,500
90 minutes / THB 8,600
Balance the body chakras and restore harmony on a cellular level with the healing sound waves and gentle vibrations created by signing bowls placed close to an area of concern.

Chi Nei Tsang
30 minutes / THB 3,000
60 minutes / THB 5,800
Detoxify and stimulate the digestive system with this unique form of bodywork drawing upon Taoist traditions and working directly over the abdominal area to release energy blockages.

Lymphatic Drainage
60 minutes / THB 5,800
A detoxifying treatment using wave-like movements to stimulate the lymphatic system, improve circulation and boost the immune system; ideal after traveling or during a detox.

Hot Stone Massage
90 minutes / THB 8,800
Smooth, rounded basalt stones are gently heated and used by the therapist as extensions of his or her hands. The weight and radiant warmth of the stones induces deep relaxation.

Dancing Light Massage
60 minutes / THB 6,500
90 minutes / THB 8,600
Melt away accumulated stress and restore balance and vitality to body, mind and spirit. This massage combines Swedish, Lomi Lomi and aromatherapy massage techniques with medium pressure and natural candle aromatherapy oils.

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