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Abhyang Fusion - the art of Ayurveda Aromatherapy

Calming, detoxifying and rejuvenating, this full body Ayurveda Aromatherapy treatment expertly merges Ayurveda, aromatherapy, marma massage, reflexology, remedial techniques, lymphatic drainage and chakra balancing. Using rich aromatic blends and varying levels of pressure, this treatment is recommended for strengthening muscles and joints, reducing the signs of cellulite or as a jet lag relief, as well as detoxification and better sleep.

60 minutes / USD 195

90 minutes / USD 250

Personalized Wellness

Your stay starts with a wellness screening to measure your key biomarkers of health. Once we know what’s going on inside, we can turn our attention to how efficiently you move and identify areas of strength and weakness. Afterwards, our wellness expert recommends one treatment and one activi-ty per day and provides nutritional advice on foods to favor and avoid during your stay.

Sleep & Resilience
Feeling tired, lacking energy, experiencing bouts of cold, suffering from headaches or finding it dif-ficult to handle stress and adversity? Rest the mind and rejuvenate the body by combining practical advice from our Sleep Doctor with the many benefits of yoga nidra and meditation, as well as relax-ing spa treatments, wellness therapies and low intensity training.

Trim & Fit
Would you like to lose weight, improve stamina, tone the body, get fit or address specific movement related concerns? This program focuses on movement, blending high and low intensity training with soothing treatments, meditation and sleep.

Cleanse & Detox
Want to eliminate toxins, improve the digestive system, boost the immune system and achieve clari-ty of thought and peace of mind? We use the non-invasive techniques of yogic cleanse to help your body detox in a safe, controlled manner, combined with low intensity training, detoxifying thera-pies, massages and meditation.

Full Potential
Do you feel in good health but wish to progress to the next level? This flexible program is based all around the personal improvements you wish to achieve during your stay and flourish in the long term.

  • Three-day program: USD 1,121 per person / USD 2,166 per couple
  • Five-day program: USD 1,759 per person / USD 3,330 per couple
  • Seven-day program: USD 2,398 per person / USD 4,530 per couple

Prices are subject to 12 percent government tax and 10 percent service charge.



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