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VP Sabine Kauker

Sabine Kauker, Visiting Practitioner

Sabine is a “workingnomad” and her main aim is assisting each individual in getting back to a happy, healthy and self-determined life. Her holistic healing work is based on a rather special fundament represented by the alchemy of: highest demands towards herself, gifted hands, a unique “working-tool-box“ and 20 years of intuitive healing work experience around the globe at award-winning hotels, training Spa and coaching management teams with passionate ambition.

Holistic Healing Journey
Experience your individual customized wellness healing journey. Sabine will assist you with holistic healing techniques she was taught from native masters all over the globe to activate your inner self-healing process and achieve the best possible result to balance body, mind and soul – bringing harmony and health to your life.

Chakra Point Treatment
Using an old Asian massage technique this deeply relaxing treatment focuses on activating and balancing your seven energy bodies. As this is a very specialized, powerful and intensive treatment working with over 100 chakra points you are recommended to discuss such a booking in advance with Sabine. With having no experience in holistic healing work before this treatment could be irritating for your body and/or mind.

Combined Traditional Chinese Medicine Session
After a short consultation talk we will choose – depending on your own main focus - the best fitting tool out of the Traditional Chinese Medicine options. A very detailed anamnesis, physical work like Chinese Foot Reflexology, Tuina, Moxibustion, Acupressure Taping, Cupping, Qi-Gong or a Chinese Dietetics nutrition plan may be the most suitable one to balance the flow of Qi, bring muscle tension release and deep relaxation. Possible main goals could be balancing digestive disorders, improve concentration skills, bring the long wanted weight loss or dealing with stress/arthritis/PMS/menopause more easily – just to name some.

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