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Suzana Panasian | Visiting Practitioner | Six Senses

VP Suzana

Suzana Panasian, Visiting Practitioner

International coach and Hypnotherapist, Master NLP practitioner, Master of Yoga and Ayurveda specialist, Suzana blends the wisdom of the Ancient Vedic Science with the latest discoveries of Neuro sciences to easily reprogram your mind and reach the state of balance and aliveness in the body.

The Holistic Assessment
The consultation identifies your Ayurvedic type (Vata, Pitta or Kapha), which is essential to the Ayurvedic treatment. This will give you more insights into your natural tendencies and help you make better choices in terms of food, activities, spices, emotions, thoughts, etc., to help you balance your mind and body.

Anbhyanga: Ayurvedic Oil Massage (For the body)
A warm herb infused oil massage adapted to your own specific constitution and needs (relaxing, weight loss, reduce pain, increase focus). It promotes a state of fluidity and balance for an optimal experience.

Ubtan: Beauty & detoxifying skin care treatment
Cleansing pastes or powders prepared from herbs and flours or grind of legumes - depending on your individual skin type – to break down and release congested toxins naturally while rejuvenating and softening your skin.

Saundarya: the Ayurvedic Facial
Suzana’s unique method of facial care combining the most efficient Ayurvedic ingredients and massage techniques to stimulate the energy centers on the head and promote lifting and tone to your muscles.

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