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Dr. Gopal Govindasamy, Visiting Practitioner - Six Senses Spa at Al Bustan Palace, Muscat, Oman

Dr. Gopal Govindasamy

Dr. Gopal Govindasamy, Visiting Practitioner

Dr. Gopal is a Naturopathic Doctor and Yoga expert from India, specialized in Ayurveda, wellness, nutrition and lifestyle consultations. He has been a leading wellness expert for over 14 years, with yoga training from world famous Sivananda Yoga Institute. His record for relieving and correcting persistent physical problems, has earned him an international reputation.

Naturopathic & Nutrition Consultation
Naturopathy is a holistic medicine, which focuses on treating the whole person, not just a specific symptom. The processes of the human body are interrelated and interact with external environment; if there is imbalance inside the body or external environment, then disease may occur. The human body has an innate ability for self healing with the right support. This session will identify your health status, energy, level of body functions and overall vitality.

Royal Indian Ayurvedic Journey
Royal Ayurvedic Journey is a full body massage combining abhyanga and marma massage. The massage involves full body coverage with essential oil using smooth, gentle movements with long strokes to rub the oil deeply into your body and focusing on the vital points of the body. 

Chaviti Thirumbu (Massage by feet)

Chavati Thirumbu massage is a traditional Ayurvedic massage for stimulating vital points. This is a traditional Kerala Ayurvedic massage using herb infused Ayurvedic oils, performed by the Ayurvedic guru using his feet and hand, applying appropriate pressure to specific vital points/parts of the body. Marma abhyanga not only relieves back pain, stiffness and sports injuries but also stimulates various bodily organs and systems.

Breathe Easy (Nasyam)
It is an important Ayurvedic treatment in which medicated herbal preparations, decoctions, oils and ghee are applied through the nose. The area around the nose, chest, palms and foot are then vigorously massaged.

This treatment removes mucous clogs, stimulates the brain cells, clears the nasal passage, sinus cavity, alleviating neck problems and migraine. It is also highly effective in treating sinusitis and chronic cold.

Reiki Healing with Magnets

The practitioner will use magnets to balance your energy centers or chakras in your body. The treatment is a gentlenon-invasive form of alternative healing that works holistically to harmonize the body, mind, emotions and spirit.

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