dcsimg Trayl Aitken-Cade, Visiting Practitioner

Trayl Aitken-Cade, Visiting Practitioner

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Trayl Aitken-Cade, Visiting Practitioner

Growing up in South Africa there was a big emphasis on sports and outdoor activity. Trayl played everything from soccer, cricket, tennis and rugby. After leaving school he joined the navy and embarked on an adventure any young man would love. During his training as a navy diver he gained an appreciation of how robust the body needs to be both on land and in the water and in his case, under water.

During this time Trayl was involved in triathlons and boxing and saw the huge role nutrition played in recovery and health of an athlete. 

Moving to London in 1999, he ran his own personal training and massage business before leaving to teach Thai massage in Chiang Mai. His journey has taken him to many places and along the way including Parrot Cay Como Resort and a number of Aman resorts including in Bhutan, Philippines and Turks and Caicos. He has developed a unique style of exercise and massage that taps into the parasympathetic system and allows clients to rediscover the joy of movement and well-being. His philosophy is strongly based on getting back to basics and using the natural environment on offer at each beautiful property.

Deep Tissue Strucutural integration
A deep slow massage that follows muscle lines in movement patterns from the feet all the way to finger tips. A combination of soft tissue manipulation and traditional Thai stretches will tap into the nervous system to allow the muscles and joints to slowly release and bring the body back into balance. Perfect for an individual if deep tissue and deep relaxation are their goals.This is Trayl's most popular treatment because it is an amazing massage and one of a kind.

Thai accupressure and stretching
After spending many years first studying with the blind masters in Chiang Mai and then moving on to teach Thai massage in Thailand, Trayl has developed a unique combination of traditional Thai stretching and acupressure with long lever towel techniques to stretch clients in a very dynamic and supported way. The acupressure points are a very powerful way to release corresponding organs and are enhanced by repeated stretches to allow increased flow of energy and nourishment into the joints. If clients like the release of acupressure and the freedom of stretching, they will love this treatment.

Reflexology and Indian head massage with hot towels
A perfect treatment for people with the "usual suspects" tight neck and shoulders and who do not feel comfortable lying face down. The reflex points on the feet work very powerfully to release tension in the corresponding distal body. Additional points on the hands neck and head will put clients in a state of deep relaxation ready for the application of hot steaming towels to release natural endorphins and increase the effectiveness of the gentle neck stretches at the end.

Boot camp boxing and ball drills
Used in a circuit to improve speed, coordination and recovery times. A very challenging workout for the core in a dynamic primal survival mode fighting for one's life.

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