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Turkish Riviera Resorts | A World of Wellness at Six Senses

A whole world of wellness

Six Senses Kaplankaya, our new resort on the Turkish Riviera, welcomes a host of specialized practitioners for bespoke healing techniques and holistic wellness programs.

VP Suraj Varma

VP Suraj Varma

From fitness and recovery packages to purifying vibrations, Ayurvedic treatments, reflexology and deep tissue massages, experts in alternative medicine heighten and enlighten guest experiences. They include popular heroes in the fields of osteopathy, spiritual healing and personal training as well as practitioners that specialize in lesser-known pneumopsicosomatic system treatment.

Visiting practitioners have always played an important role in the wellness offerings of Six Senses Douro Valley. As guests continue the search for an antidote to their busy lives, the demand for specialist therapies has grown in an equal measure.

We welcome popular heroes in the fields of osteopathy, massage, reflexology and Eastern Medicine as well as new superstars whose exceptional reputation and client feedback have earned them a place on the calendar.

Suraj Varma – visiting from September 30 to October 18 – is a registered Ayurvedic medical practitioner who combines the best of traditional therapies, including ayurvedic massage, prana healing and reflexology, with a variety of Western techniques such as aromatherapy, lymphatic drainage and hot-stone therapy. His treatments are known for their ability to pinpoint problem areas and provide long-lasting results, whether it is for stress management, backache, insomnia, poor circulation, stiff muscles, or more complicated illness related to the imbalance of the tridoshas (vata, pitta and kapha).

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For more information, please email enquiries-spa@sixsenses.com.



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