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Accommodation in Fiji | Living Drinks, Fijian Style | Six Senses

Living drinks, Fijian style

The fresh drinks all contain ingredients that offer health-giving properties including some old familiars (turmeric, papaya and pineapple) and some new plants that are native to Fiji (layalaya, a special type of ginger). They help replenish the “good” bacteria in your gut to aid digestion, reduce inflammation and irritation, and keep your body’s immune system strong.

Living Drinks, Fijian Style

Living Drinks, Fijian Style

Essentially, the drinks are “living,” supporting the full range of Six Senses wellness programs available at the resort (and also covering a few guilt-free cocktails too). And if you want to deconstruct your Cosmo or Matcha Tea Collins, you can ask our mixologist to add the homemade tonic of your choice and flavor your drink to taste.

For more information, please call +679 666 5028 or email reservations-fiji@sixsenses.com.



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