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Health and Wellness Resorts - Six Senses Sleep Program

Sleep benefits to last you a lifetime

Sleep with Six Senses
By Michael J. Breus, Ph.D

As a top Sleep Specialist I get approached to do many projects, but rarely has there been a project that was so compelling that I knew it would make such a huge difference in peoples' lives that I had to do it. Six Senses, while being the number one spa company in the world, has a true interest in helping people, for a lifetime.

Sleep benefits to last you a lifetime

Sleep benefits to last you a lifetime

Together we are launching the Six Sense Sleep program, and I am personally thrilled to explain more about it. We searched literally all over the world to find the most amazing sleep products ever assembled in one place (even my house, and that is not an easy task) these include: mattresses, pillows, moisture wicking sheets, specialty aromatherapy, sleep monitors, music, a video library with me explaining about the program and giving real education about the sleep process and so much more.

One of the most unique aspects about this project was not just the commitment to the best products (that are proven to work), but rather the education and training of the personnel, the Six Senses Sleep Ambassadors. Now, wherever you find the Six Senses program you are also going to find educated healthcare professionals who can help monitor your sleep, and actually explain an individualized protocol to improve your sleep. These are not just some sleep tips, but rather a more in depth review (using sleep monitors) of your sleep, to make recommendations that are personalized to you. In my world sleep is one of the most important aspects to life, health and wellbeing, and obviously Six Senses feels the same way.

A few guidelines to give you after you leave this sleep oasis:

1) Find your sleep schedule and stick to it. Being consistent going to bed, and especially when waking up, is one of the best ways to improve your quality sleep.

2) Eliminate caffeine by 2:00pm. With a half-life of six to eight hours, stopping by 2:00pm will ensure that caffeine will not rob you of both quality and quantity sleep.

3) Stop alcohol within three hours of bedtime. This ensures that an enjoyable glass of wine or two at dinner will not keep you from the deep stages of physically restorative sleep.

4) Exercise daily, but be careful not to exercise too close to your bedtime. For some it can make falling asleep difficult.

5) Get 15 minutes of sunlight each morning, this helps reset your circadian clock, and keep quality sleep abundant.



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