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Stepping out

Because it is essential for us to keep moving, the most basic habit change that we can make in our daily life is to simply move more often. Here are a few tips from our Exercise Physiologist Erkan Güneş on how to incorporate a bit more get up and go.

Stepping out

Stepping out

  • Keep stiffness at bay. Whether at work or at home, be sure to stand up frequently and, when appropriate, bend down to touch your toes and hold this position for a few seconds to boost your circulation. The most basic and simple movements such as walking, moving around or even doing household chores, when consciously performed throughout your day, can have multiple benefits.
  • Keep on moving:

    • Join a strengthening class or other activities that regularly require you to improve your mobility. For example, mobilizing your body with simple yoga asanas such as the palm tree pose, sun salutations or spinal twists will help you release physical tensions and also stimulate dormant energy and nerve centers.
    • If you are a fitness enthusiast, challenge yourself with more dynamic and multi-directional exercise movements to get your heart pumping, enhance mobility and increase your strength.
    • Alternatively, start walking. Studies show that a regular brisk walk, especially surrounded by nature, can have positive impact on your well-being.
  • Don’t forget to smile, grimace, frown, grin … A simple and non-invasive alternative to surgery, anti-aging facial exercises can help banish fine lines and sagging. One exercise you can do even while you read this is the cheek plump. Take a big breath, then push the breath from cheek to cheek like a bullfrog, then release. This strengthens your cheek muscles and prevents them from sagging.

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