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Wellness Spa Resorts | Sleep Well at Home | Six Senses

Sleep Well at Home

Looking at the bigger picture, to maximize your sleep experience, you may want to own some of the fundamental and extended sleep aids that are offered at Six Senses resorts. We’ve already made arrangements with our specialist suppliers to make these items available, and often exclusively to the guests of Six Senses.

The Bed | Naturalmat

Purchase directly from Naturalmat with a 10 percent discount offered on the published recommended retail price for Six Senses guests. For an order form: orders@naturalmat.co.uk. Be sure to mention Six Senses to receive your discount.

The Pillows + Duvets | Hanse
Purchase directly from Hanse website.
Europe: www.5starbed.com/euro/product_search?key=six+senses
Germany: www.5starbed.com/de/product_search?key=six+senses
USA: www.5starbed.com/product_search?key=six+senses


The Linen | Beaumont & Brown
Purchase directly from the Beaumont & Brown website: www.beaumontbrown.com/shop. Six Senses guests are offered a discount of 15 percent when using the code: SIXSENSES.

The Moisture Wicking Linen | Valley Forge

Purchase directly from:www.sixsenses.livingfresh.me.

The Bathroom | The Organic Pharmacy

Purchase directly from The Organic Pharmacy website: www.theorganicpharmacy.com. Six Senses guests are offered a discount of 10 percent when using the code: SIXSENSES.



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