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Sleep Video Gallery

Sleep Video Gallery

Too much information in one hit? To make it simpler a library of 13 short videos is included on a USB stick in the upgrade Sleep Bag, or they can be viewed individually from the links.


Introduction to Sleep With Six Senses
The holiday experience with lifetime benefits.


Sleep and Six Senses Spas
Renowned Sleep Doctor Michael Breus Ph.D. explains how Sleep With Six Senses works holistically to balance the body and mind.


Your Mattress
The benefits of sleeping on a bespoke, organic bed by Naturalmat Bedding, using pure lambs wool and being naturally hypoallergenic.


The Extras: Pillows, Duvets and Linen
A look into the pillows, duvets and moisture wicking linen specially designed for Six Senses to ensure a comfortable sleep allowing you to stay fresh and sweat-free throughout the night.


Power Down Hour
Dr. Michael Breus introduces some easy techniques that you can utilize to help the body and mind get ready for the best sleep.


Using Devices Before Sleep
The Sleep Doctor explains why using a tablet or phone before sleep may adversely affect the quality of your sleep.


The Worry Journal
If stress is keeping you up, Dr. Breus recommends that you jot down your worries and concerns in the Worry Journal to allow you to sleep better.


Dr. Breus looks at why we snore and makes some recommendations on various remedies and solutions to help you get a better night’s sleep.


Sleep Apnea
How to treat Sleep Apnea, what symptoms to look out for and how your health and quality of life can be affected.


Dr. Michael Breus tells you the truth about insomnia and what science really knows about it.


Light and Sleep
How can the correct light source help your sleep? Dr. Breus discusses the sleep hormone (melatonin) and how it starts the engine for sleep.


Sleep Meds verses Wellness
Is it sleep meditation or wellness that makes a person sleep better? An enlightening insight into the facts of the matter.


Five Tips for a Better Sleep
Sleep Doctor Michael Breus Ph.D. provides a five-step program to ensure quality sleep on a full time basis.



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