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Luxury Resorts in Vietnam, Ninh Van Bay Sustainable Resort - Six Senses

Environmental Responsibility

To support our environmental and social sustainability activities we have developed policies and procedures in line with Six Senses standards. These policies and procedures will be renewed at least annually to ensure that we are always current in our approaches.

We are committed to comply, wherever possible improving upon, Vietnam and international legislative environmental requirements, such as environmental, public and occupational health and safety, hygiene and employment legislation.

We shall, wherever possible and feasible, give preference to the employment of persons living in Ninh Van Bay or nearby areas, local products and services which do not adversely affect the resort's operational activities, viability and environmental and social impacts

The Coral Project at Six Senses Ninh Van Bay

Six Senses Ninh Van Bay is the epitome of the Six Senses’ commitment to create award-winning and exceptional guest experiences in places of incredible natural beauty. Each Six Senses resort has been placed in a unique environment in harmony with nature and with its own highlights. One of the highlights at Ninh Van Bay is its biodiversity, with its own coral reef within the sand fringed bay.

With this commitment, comes the responsibility for Six Senses Ninh Van Bay to improve its methods of sustainability and decrease any environmental impact that’s attributed to the operation. We need to do everything in our power to protect and preserve this highly sensitive ecosystem for nature and for our guests.

Due to this reason we have entered a partnership with two young and very experienced marine biologists from the Netherlands. Mr. Thomas Swierts and Ms. Selma Ubels are both Bachelors of Sciences in Marine Biology, from the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands, and are currently working on their master thesis of science, where Selma focuses on environmental biology and Thomas on the sustainability, diversity and protection of coral reefs. Both have participated in various fieldwork and research projects around the globe from Indonesia to South America. They combine the latest scientific knowledge, technology, and proven skills gained over their numerous years of experience in the field.

The coral project at Ninh Van Bay will comprise several stages.

The initial project was from March 18 until April 11, 2013. The main objective of this stage was to establish a swimming and snorkeling pathway through the reef and create an inventory of our marine life - both fish and corals. With this action we aim to protect the reef from further damage. The marine biologists will also train the resort team on the aquatic flora and fauna, which will enable our hosts to make snorkeling trips inside the bay for our guests. We will continue to strive and develop our environmental awareness amongst our guests and hosts, in the effort to conserve these areas of natural beauty.

The biologists will create an outlook for the future of our reef, on how it will evolve over the next 3 to 5 years. They will give us guidelines on how we can keep our reef healthy and preserve it for future generations.

The second stage will be more active, as we will directly get involved in our own coral preservation and focus on coral reef restoration. The idea is that our guests can actually adopt their own coral patch, where they re-attach broken shards of living coral to natural frameworks adjacent to the natural reef; a similar concept as to planting your own tree. This stage is still in the development process and needs further background knowledge about the bay and reef conditions, which has been gathered in the first step.

Social Responsibility

The Six Senses Ninh Van Bay Management Team visited “Bong La” Village near “Thien An” Boarding house in Pleiku. The boarding school has over 100 children of which 24 are orphans and 5 severely handicapped children, all are being provided with a home and education. The initiators for the construction and funding of the Boarding house in Pleiku are Ms. Oanh Le Tinh and Mr. Jan Peters who started the foundation ‘Live and Give’ in Belgium to help disadvantaged children of Vietnam.

Bong La is a small village located 10 kilometers from the Thien An boarding school. Bong La has one spring that over 500 people use for drinking water, washing and bathing, this stream is now quite contaminated and the children have been suffering from scabies. The water is not being boiled before drinking and for some it is a few kilometers to walk from home to the stream.

Six Senses Ninh Van Bay has donated funds for installing the water well, water filter and bathing facilities. Six Senses uses the revenues from the sales of their ‘wellness water’ to guests at the resort to help finance this project. Six Senses wellness water is an initiative to mitigate carbon emissions by making healthy water on site at the resort reducing the need to import water from thousands of miles away. Whilst also using the revenue from the sales of the wellness water for water projects around the world.

The success of this project will be beneficial to the whole village by providing clean safe water while also reducing the high usage of the spring water for other villagers


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