dcsimg Luxury Resorts in Vietnam, Ninh Van Bay Sustainable Resort

Luxury Resorts in Vietnam, Ninh Van Bay Sustainable Resort

Environmental Responsibility

To support our environmental and social sustainability activities we have developed policies and procedures in line with Six Senses standards. These policies and procedures will be renewed at least annually to ensure that we are always current in our approaches.

We are committed to comply with, and wherever possible go beyond, Vietnamese and international legislative environmental requirements, such as environmental, public and occupational health and safety, hygiene and employment legislation.

We shall, wherever possible and feasible, give preference to the employment of persons living in Ninh Van Bay or nearby areas, local products and services which do not adversely affect the resort's operational activities, viability and environmental and social impacts

The Coral Project at Six Senses Ninh Van Bay

Six Senses Ninh Van Bay is a prime example of the Six Senses’ commitment to create award-winning and exceptional guest experiences in places of incredible natural beauty. Each Six Senses resort has been placed in a unique environment in harmony with nature and with its own highlights. One of the highlights at Ninh Van Bay is its biodiversity, with its own coral reef within the sand fringed bay.

With this commitment, comes the responsibility for Six Senses Ninh Van Bay to fine tune and maintain its methods of sustainability and reduce any environmental impact that may attributed to the operation, protecting and preserving this highly sensitive ecosystem for the future and for our guests. To augment this, Six Senses Ninh Van Bay has entered a partnership with a very experienced marine biologists from the Netherlands and his team.

Mr. Thomas Swierts holds a Bachelor of Sciences in Marine Biology, from the University of Utrecht in the Netherlands, and has participated in various fieldwork and research projects around the globe from Indonesia to South America. He and his team combine the latest scientific knowledge, technology, and proven skills gained over their numerous years of experience in the field. In May 2016 he has published the first part of his study on Six Senses Ninh Van Bay coral reef: “Competitive interaction between corals and turf algae depend on coral colony form”, Tomas Swierts and Mark JA Vermeij.

The coral project at Ninh Van Bay comprises several stages:

The initial project was from March 18 until April 11, 2013. The main objective of this stage was to establish a swimming and snorkeling pathway through the reef and create an inventory of our marine life - both fish and corals. With this action we aim to protect the reef from further damage. The marine biologists have also trained the resort team on the aquatic flora and fauna, which has enabled our hosts to make snorkeling trips inside the bay for our guests. We will continue to develop our environmental awareness amongst our guests and hosts, in the effort to conserve these areas of natural beauty.

Continuing 2017, the research team will study the general characteristics of competition between turf algae and corals over time.
Another project has been started thanks to visit of two researchers who came at Six Senses Ninh Van Bay at the beginning of August 2016 to assess the feasibility of a reef restoration project. Dr. Lina Barrios conducted observation of our coral reef and the surrounding areas. The first impressions look as if Six Senses Ninh Van Bay will be able to develop its own coral nursery and transplantation site to help our underwater environment and protect its fauna.

Social Responsibility

Six Senses Ninh Van Bay cares for the local communities and for that we have different social projects in place.

Education is one of the important part of our social resposibility. We support the Ninh Van Village Primary School providing all they need for the children; notebooks, pens and books are part of it. We also have a schooling support project in which we support economically two students with difficult family situations. they are children that without any support from us wouldn't be able to continue their studies, and Six Senses Ninh Van Bay has selected them for their excellency at school. We hope one day they will be able to support their community by bringing back what they've learnt to improve the quality of life.

Our sustainability fund is created from the Six Senses Water that we sell at the resort and from other donations made directly from our guests, with part to be used to promote projects to support the local community with clean water system. Now we are working at the A. Yersin school to install a water system that can provide clean water for the school and the local community.


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