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Things To Do In Samui, Samui Adventure, Samui Luxury Holidays - Six Senses

Experience Highlights

Land-based Excursions

Explore the island of Koh Samui

Discover Samui Island while doing fun and exciting land-based excursions

Explore Samui through exciting excursions ranging from a day-long Samui Discovery, morning market experience and other activities from jogging, kick boxing lessons and more.

Samui Temple Tour

We take a tour of the most spectacular and most culturally important temples (Wat’s) on Koh Samui.   First we visit Wat Plai Laem Temple famous for its large Chinese Buddha overlooking the entire temple complex. Next we go the Big Buddha Temple, Samui’s most famous landmark. From there we go to the ancient temple, named Wat Samret.  Lastly we visit the ‘Mummified Monk’ at Wat Khao Po, to learn the story of the monk who attained enlightenment.

Morning Market Experience

It is the local custom of Thai people to go to the market in the early morning to source ingredients for daily family meals. You will experience the hustle and bustle, the excitement and smells, of this vibrant place. Immerse yourself in the Thai daily lifestyle and savour a tasty, local Thai morning dish such as rice porridge or local coffee with Chinese doughnuts.

Mountain Bike Trip

On a clear & beautiful Samui morning it’s great to start the day with a mountain bike trip. Brush away the cobwebs and enjoy the local atmosphere on Samui as you cycle off from the resort to explore the island.

We start from the lobby and meander through the streets of of Plai Laem Village. You will stop and visit such sights as Big Buddha, Cheongmon Beach, Plai Laem Temple, and also our resort’s herbal gardens. Enjoy the scenery of the village and learn more about Samui people and their lifestyle.

Thai Boxing: Muay Thai

Muay Thai is a form of martial art that is both graceful and lethal. Used since ancient times, Muay Thai has become an integral part of Thailand’s cultural heritage. Learn Thai boxing from a professional trainer, teaching the basics of Thai style fighting through to advanced techniques for those that are experienced.

Ocean Excursions

Large variety of ocean based activities

There are many activities which can be done on the waters of the Gulf of Thailand

We offer a large variety of ocean based activities which range from private boat hire, fishing trips, kayaking, hobie-catamaran excursions, sunset cruises and island hopping.

Ang Thong Marine Park

Most of the islands consist of limestone mountains about 10-400 meters above sea level. Because the limestone can change its structure easily, by both chemical condition and weather, this causes the islands to have many strange-looking caves and cliffs. Indeed, some islands look like ancient Angkor Wat in Cambodia and Prasart Hin Pimai in Thailand’s north-east province. In the national park you can enjoy snorkeling and also find a quiet beach on which to relax and have lunch.

Private Fishing Trip by Fisherman

Enjoy fishing the Thai way. A Thai fishing boat will take you to the designated fishing areas where you can fish with the local fishermen. Lunch will be served on board.

Koh Tao and Koh Nang Yuan

Ko Tao (which translates to 'Turtle Island') is an island located near the eastern shore of the Gulf of Thailand. It covers an area of about 21 square kilometers.

Administratively, it forms a Tambon (Region) within the district Amphoe Ko Pha Ngan of Surat Thani Province. In 2006 the official population number was just 1,382 people.

Kho Tao was named by its first settlers for the island’s turtle-like geographic shape. Coincidentally, the island is an important breeding ground for Hawksbill turtles


Explore the underwater world in the Gulf of Thailand with us. Whether you are an experienced diver or a beginner, 100 Degrees East is the only diving center that we recommend. They provide professional, safe service, and they can come to your own villa to discuss your diving needs.

With a fast, safe and reliable dive boat, steering you clear of the crowds at the dive sites, it is comfortable and uncrowded, with the maximum number of divers limited to only 10.


Join our local adventures

Discover a whole new side of Koh Samui with local and authenic activities

Join our local adventures, which range from Market Tours, traditional Thai Sweets Making, the preparation of Temple Offerings, local Tree Planting, and much more.

Thai Cooking Class

This is a “must do” class for all guests who are interested in learning how to cook Thai cuisine.

Our Thai Chef will have you cooking up a veritable feast in no time! Have fun, learn heaps and savour the rewards of a culinary experience like no other. Also receive a cooking book and embroidered apron as a souvenir.

Sense of Spirit

There is no limitation to what food can be offered at the shrines, and there are many levels of offering. In general, one can offer any pleasing object, particularly objects pleasing to the five senses: form, sound, smell, taste, and touch.

By making offerings you also create potential for future personal results of becoming prosperous, and becoming naturally and spontaneously generous.

Global Tree Planting

We encourage everyone to plant a tree at our herb garden area, to do their little bit to help our world and become involved in the environment.

Fisherman’s Village

A quieter part of Samui and an alternative to the bustling Chaweng.  This area at the north of the island is about 10 to 15 minute drive from the resort. A popular destination due to the excellent choice of amazing restaurants

Family Experiences

Families have many on-site activities, plus a huge array of things to do and see on Samui Island. For example, a day at the beach takes on a different style when the beach is at Six Senses Samui, non-motorized water activities that can be shared by families, plus picnics and the convenience of your own villa nearby.

Spend time by the main pool, where burgers, pizzas and other favourites are freshly prepared. Youngsters can join batik painting, soap carving, rock painting and paper folding classes... to name just a few.

Samui Island has virtually unlimited family activities. The Experience Department of Six Senses Samui will be pleased to make all the arrangements for a family holiday that will be long treasured.

Children's Activities

Six Senses Samui offers many fun activities for children four years old and above, such as:

  • Batik Painting 
  • Soap Carving 
  • Rock Painting
  • Paper Folding
  • Thai Culture Class
  • Coconut Painting 
  • Coconut Mobile 
  • Herb Trail 
  • Children Cooking Class 
  • Resort Jogging Experience 
  • Samui Discovery Trip (four hours) 
  • Bowling Game
  • Samui Temple Tour
Children's Services

Baby Sitting Services
On request at THB 420++ per hour per child. One babysitter can only take care two infants or youngsters at a time.

Food and Beverage
Children aged 1-5 years old can order from Infant Menu for free.
Children aged 6-11 years old get 50% discount on food.
Children aged 12 or more will be charged as normal.



Can there be a more perfect way to wed in paradise? In the stunning setting of Six Senses Samui, with the Gulf of Thailand as a splendid backdrop, the future bodes well if the honeymoon begins in such beautiful surroundings. 

Let Six Senses Samui make that special day even more memorable with one of our beautiful Wedding Packages.

From the moment you book your wedding with us you will have contact with our wedding coordinator. He will meet you once you have settled into the resort in order to go over the final details, to ensure that extra special personal attention is given to your event from the beginning to the end.

A photographer will also be on hand to record all the memories created during your special day. We provide you with a beautifully presented digital copy of all photographs on CD ROM.

Thai Wedding

For a truly memorable occasion the Thai traditional wedding begins with a hair and makeup appointment for the bride and assistance for both, the bride and groom, for fitting the classic Thai costume. The next step is a long drum parade from the villa to the ceremony area. This is a traditional way of beginning to celebrate your special day. Once at the ceremony area the Buddhist monks will arrive and receive the bride and groom.

After the monks have taken their places the bride and groom begin by sitting in front of the Buddha image, lighting candles and joss sticks, and offering these as a way of paying homage to Buddha and Buddhism. The monks then begin to chant and the bride and groom are led through the ritual chanting by a prayer leader. During the chanting, a yarn garland is placed on the bride and groom’s head and connected to the monks. At the end of the chanting the head monk will sprinkle the bridal couple and guests with the now holy water. The bridal couple is anointed by the monk on their forehead.

The second part of the ceremony is known as the Rot Naam ceremony, or lustral water ceremony. During this ceremony the bridal couple sits facing their guests who take turns to pour holy water over the hands of the bridal couple as a symbolic gesture of showing their good wishes for the newly married couple.

Hideaway Wedding

The Hideaway Wedding ensures that your wedding at Six Senses Samui is truly an occasion to remember and a special day to enjoy as a couple or to share with family and friends.

The ceremony itself comprises of a truly indulgent array of tropical flowers decorating the venue area, adding to that special sense of occasion. Afterwards, a beautiful wedding cake and a bottle of Rose Champagne for toasting will be supplied along with a certificate from Six Senses Samui to commemorate your special day.

A photographer will also be on hand to record all the memories created during your special day. We provide you with a beautifully presented digital copy of all photographs on CD ROM.

Contact Information

To ensure that your wedding day at Six Senses Samui is truly an event to remember and a special day to enjoy as a couple, as well as to share with family and friends, please contact our Reservations Manager for further wedding arrangement assistance.

T  +66 7724 5678  

Events and Meetings

Six Senses Samui could be the perfect setting for your small meeting. From an inside gathering, to one that is surrounded by nature, the experience can be unique and rewarding.

Contact Information

Please contact our Reservations Manager for further Meeting and Events arrangement assistance.

T  +66 7724 5678  


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