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Zighy Bay Eco Resort, Oman Ecotourism - Six Senses

Environmental Responsibility

To be in harmony with the environment 

Some environmental projects, include the creating of a marine protected area by influencing decision-makers and engaging local communities of the Musandam Peninsula and mainland Oman. The ultimate aim of the study is to protect the reefs of the Musandam peninsula through education & capacity-building. 

Garbage Handling

One of our environmental commitments toward our neighbor, Zighy Village, is to ensure that waste and garbage are handling properly and hygienically. This showcases one of our core values that, we are in harmony with environment and the cultural surroundings.

Installing Modern Irrigation Networks

We have been invited by Dibba Municipality to contribute towards different projects.  We have decided to contribute on Installing Modern Irrigation Networks System. The selection done upon our believe on the important of the efficient use of water resources since they are scarcity resources in this arid region, and at the same time, it will lead increase the green spot which will increase the CO2 absorption from the atmosphere.

Social Responsibility

At Six Senses Zighy Bay we believe in contributing to the wellbeing of our local community and giving back.  

There are social projects to develop relations with the residents of the area that are surrounding the resort. Some of these projects are financial aid and some of them have a programme of education or recreation.

Disabled Compensatory Devices

One of the social projects with Six Senses Zighy Bay contributes to is creating disabled compensatory devices as a support to Oman Association for Disabled. OAD is an association operated by volunteers. The main objectives of establishing the association is to enlighten the society with the disabled issues and their needs and requirements in the Sultanate. OAD is mainly supported by the private sector with some support from the government. OAD is concentrated on the movement and hearing disabled, by providing different types of compensatory devices for the kind of the disability.

Dibba Girls School

By purchasing special key rings, part of the revenue will go directly towards supporting the Dibba Girls School, located in our nearby town. More specifically the money spent towards building the girls an outdoor sports centre. Due to the extreme heat of the summer months the girls are only able to play sports outside during the winter. By building a covered centre in their school grounds they will be able to play handball & Basketball year round. We hope that it will also contribute to their wellbeing and happiness.

Sharjah Charity International

As one of our responsibilities toward the local society, we have achieved a humanitarian action by donating about 500 kg of old linen, uniforms, table covers and some of different types of textiles to Sharjah Charity International (Dibba Branch)


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