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Six Senses Kaplankaya Eco Resort - Six Senses in Turkey

Environmental Responsibility

At Six Senses Kaplankaya we are continually developing new initiatives and procedures to minimize our impact on the environment.

Water Production

We filter and bottle our own still and sparkling water, thereby reducing the carbon footprint associated with the packaging and transporting of drinking water.

By using only glass water bottles, we eliminate all plastic bottles from resort operations, part of an effort to be single-use plastic free.

Water And Energy Conservation

Internally we monitor on a daily basis our water consumption, gas and electricity. During our renovation, all our lighting was completely converted to LED.

We use only eco-friendly chemicals for all our cleaning and laundry operations to minimize energy and water consumption.

We are responsible for our environment and committed to protect marine life, taking stringent measures to effectively handle wastewater produced by the resort operation.

Zero Waste / Waste Reduction

We compost organic waste to be used for gardening activities and refuse the use of plastics at every unit as much as possible. We use recyclable paper in the offices and always reuse paper by printing on the reverse side, printing only when necessary.

We encourage our suppliers to reduce packaging when delivering supplies and ordering in bulk whenever possible. Also, we prefer to buy hand-prepared products to reduce the wastage resulting from supplying and packaging.

We refuse and eliminate single-use plastics at the resort, including plastic bags, bottles and drinking straws. Plastic straws have been replaced with paper ones and plastic bottles have been replaced by glass. We also ask that guests not wrap their luggage in plastic film as it produces unnecessary waste and will never biodegrade.

Our Grow With Six Senses program encourages young guests to learn something new and spark their curiosity and creativity, and connect with the local environment of the resort. We create activities where youngsters learn how we can reuse and recycle, planting a seed and taking care of the plant to reconnect with nature and with animals to establish a connection which many kids may not have the understanding.

Farm To Table / Organic Garden

Eat With Six Senses is our approach to food and drink through nutritional awareness, guest education and responsibly sourced ingredients.

As we are committed to both sustainability and wellness, the resort’s organic farms and gardens play an important role. Through growing much of our own fruit and vegetables on site we can ensure that our guests are getting fresh, whole, healthy, high-quality food. Additionally, we are surrounded with a number of local gardens, vineyards and farms from which we are able to obtain the freshest vegetables, fruit and herbs for our guests.

Six Senses Kaplankaya has old growth wild olive trees that we are slowly turning it into an edible forest, by planting additional fruit trees and shrubs, following intensive organic agricultural models.


We are also surrounded by vineyards and farms, each doing what it can to maintain the roads, streams and rivers that nourish us.

It is possible to spot wood peckers, squirrels, rabbits, foxes, turtles and wild boar. Most of our olive trees in Kaplankaya and the woodland are listed and protected.

The boundary walls surrounding Six Senses Kaplankaya are made by stones shaped by hand, which were excavated from underground. Hence, by bringing the subterranean world on to terrestrial, we eliminated CO2 emission through the transport of external stones into our area.

Earth Lab

We are currently establishing Earth Lab, our ecology area where our all sustainability initiatives, activities, innovations and partnerships will be physically presented to our guests.

Social Responsibility

Six Senses Kaplankaya strives to be part of a local community. We are committed to having a positive impact on the local community by employing locally and purchasing locally wherever possible and by giving back in the form of education, development and services. 0.5% of resort revenue is earmarked to support local community and enviromental projects.


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