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Six Senses

Travel trade

As travel professionals, we take our hats off to you for your support and dedication in providing knowledge, expertise and the highest level of service to our mutual clients around the world.

Your Six Senses Sales Offices and Representatives welcome the opportunity to support your activities with brochures and property images, which you may request for use in your own promotional material. The team can also support you when it comes to requests for education presentations and familiarization visits.

As a company that is focused on personal attention, we will also do what we can to help you fulfill specific requests that you may have for clients.

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    • Bangkok Home Office

      9th Floor Park Ventures Ecoplex, Unit 902-904, 57 Wireless Road, Lumpini, Patumwan, Bangkok 10330 Thailand

      Nitiphan Pithak – Ping
      Personal Assistant to Chief Commercial Officer 
      +66 2631 9776


    • Six Senses Bhutan, BHUTAN

      Amadeus: IG PBHSSB
      Sabre: IG 321941
      Galileo by Travelport: IG E8805
      Worldspan by Travelport: IG PBHSB

      Six Senses Crans-Montana, SWITZERLAND

      Amadeus: IG SIRB3D
      Sabre: IG 397884
      Galileo by Travelport: IG H2371
      Worldspan by Travelport: IG 2877

      Six Senses Krabey Island, CAMBODIA

      Amadeus: IG KOSSKS
      Sabre: IG 322919
      Galileo by Travelport: IG E8562
      Worldspan by Travelport: IG KOSSK

      Six Senses Qing Cheng Mountain, CHINA

      Amadeus: IG CTUSSQ
      Sabre: IG 283550
      Galileo by Travelport: IG B5719
      Worldspan by Travelport: IG CTUSS

      Six Senses Fiji, FIJI

      Amadeus: IG NANSSF
      Sabre: IG 320413
      Galileo by Travelport: IG E5328
      Worldspan by Travelport: IG NANSS

      Six Senses Residences Courchevel, FRANCE

      Amadeus: IG NCYSSC
      Sabre: IG 312590
      Galileo by Travelport: IG D0236
      Worldspan by Travelport: IG CVFSS

      Six Senses La Sagesse, GRENADA

      Amadeus: IG GND253
      Sabre: IG 603772
      Galileo by Travelport: IG H8928
      Worldspan by Travelport: IG 9523

      Six Senses Fort Barwara, INDIA

      Amadeus: IG JAI39B
      Sabre: IG 392845
      Galileo by Travelport: IG G6445
      Worldspan by Travelport: IG 5019

      Six Senses Vana, INDIA

      Amadeus: IG DED642
      Sabre: IG 600452
      Galileo by Travelport: IG H5171
      Worldspan by Travelport: IG 6642

      Six Senses Uluwatu Bali, INDONESIA

      Amadeus: IG DPSSSU
      Sabre: IG 321651
      Galileo by Travelport: IG E6929
      Worldspan by Travelport: IG DPSSU​

      Six Senses Shaharut, ISRAEL

      Amadeus: IG BEV7AD
      Sabre: IG 387254
      Galileo by Travelport: IG F9653
      Worldspan by Travelport: IG 1965

      Six Senses Rome, ITALY

      Amadeus: IG ROMDCD
      Sabre: IG 284890
      Galileo by Travelport: IG H2543
      Worldspan by Travelport: IG 3533

      Six Senses Kyoto, JAPAN

      Amadeus: IG UKY31F
      Sabre: IG 605327
      Galileo by Travelport: IG I0088
      Worldspan by Travelport: IG 8991

      Six Senses Kanuhura, MALDIVES

      Amadeus: IG MLE888
      Sabre: IG 59972
      Galileo by Travelport: IG 37600
      Worldspan by Travelport: IG 1888

      Six Senses Laamu, MALDIVES

      Amadeus: IG MLEELA
      Sabre: IG 11664
      Galileo by Travelport: IG 78800
      Worldspan by Travelport: IG MLELA

      Six Senses Zighy Bay, OMAN

      Amadeus: IG MCTZIG
      Sabre: IG 24130
      Galileo by Travelport: IG 41852 
      Worldspan by Travelport: IG DXBZB

      Six Senses Douro Valley, PORTUGAL

      Amadeus: IG VRLSSD
      Sabre: IG 283766
      Galileo by Travelport: IG B5615
      Worldspan by Travelport: IG OPOSS

      Six Senses Southern Dunes, The Red Sea, SAUDI ARABIA

      Amadeus: IG RSI4A0
      Sabre: IG 602843
      Galileo by Travelport: IG H7428
      Worldspan by Travelport: IG 0074

      Six Senses Zil Pasyon, SEYCHELLES

      Amadeus: IG SEZSSP
      Sabre: IG 310763
      Galileo by Travelport: IG C7585
      Worldspan by Travelport: IG SEZSS

      Six Senses Ibiza, SPAIN

      Amadeus: IG IBZ118
      Sabre: IG 393028
      Galileo by Travelport: IG G6464
      Worldspan by Travelport: IG 4376

      Six Senses Samui, THAILAND

      Amadeus: IG USMEHR
      Sabre: IG 62049
      Galileo by Travelport: IG 13874
      Worldspan by Travelport: IG USMEH

      Six Senses Yao Noi, THAILAND

      Amadeus: IG HKTEHS
      Sabre: IG 24186
      Galileo by Travelport: IG 37735
      Worldspan by Travelport: IG HKTEH

      Six Senses Kaplankaya, TURKEY

      Amadeus: IG BJVSSK
      Sabre: IG 319902
      Galileo by Travelport: IG E4947
      Worldspan by Travelport: IG BJVSS

      Six Senses Kocatas Mansions Istanbul, TURKEY

      Amadeus: IG IST5E1
      Sabre: IG 381755
      Galileo by Travelport: IG F7483
      Worldspan by Travelport: IG 9697

      Six Senses Con Dao, VIETNAM

      Amadeus: IG VCSHAS
      Sabre: IG1681
      Galileo by Travelport: IG 40187
      Worldspan by Travelport: IG VCSHA

      Six Senses Ninh Van Bay, VIETNAM

      Amadeus: IG NHAEHS
      Sabre: IG 62024
      Galileo by Travelport: IG 13864
      Worldspan by Travelport: IG NHAEH

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