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Six Senses Shaharut


​Biblical Heritage of Ancient Negev Desert

Fascinating, enchanting and of biblical proportions, the Negev Desert is the epitome of desert landscapes. It is on this boundless horizon that Six Senses Shaharut nestles into a dramatic cliff, at one with the almost-supernatural panorama, where sunsets meld into the orange dunes to become an inky sky scattered with stardust.

Shaharut Negev Desert
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Shaharut IsraelSunrise over Yotveta Shaharut IsraelPanorama Pool Villa living room


Camel Farms

Earth Lab showcases sustainability initiatives together with simple life-hacks. There are camel stables with an arena and grooming area, and from where early morning and twilight camel rides set out.


The journey to Shaharut is part of the story as you transfer through the timeless landscape from Tel Aviv or Jerusalem in three-and-a-half hours, or three hours from Petra. Or fly from Tel Aviv to Eilat in 50 minutes, followed by a 45-minute transfer.

Shaharut IsraelPanorama Pool Villa bedroom


Suites and villas offer uninterrupted desert panoramas and are complete with a private swimming pool for your ultimate hideaway. Your GEM is on hand to make every activity (or inactivity) a reality.

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