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Health Resort, Relaxation Retreat, Sleep Program - Six Senses

What's it all about?

Six Senses vacations are about resting the mind, rejuvenating the body and boosting the immune system. It all starts with a good night’s sleep. Although a third of your life is dedicated to it, you might not be getting the best length or quality. Here’s where we can help.

Developed with highly-respected Sleep Doctor Michael J. Breus, our groundbreaking Sleep With Six Senses standard has been implemented across selected resorts. Handmade mattresses by Naturalmat complemented by Hanse organic pillows and duvets, high quality Beaumont & Brown organic cotton sheets are all essentials in every guestroom.

Sleep Experience Upgrade

Building upon these quality basics, if you want to learn more, you can upgrade your experience, starting with an online questionnaire that helps us to understand you and your partner’s sleep patterns. Based on this information, your assigned Sleep Ambassador will fine-tune your room prior to arrival to ensure all preferences are noted and prepare your bedroom each evening to ensure optimum sleep conditions. They are also on call each day to assist and provide support.

We dress your bed with Valley Forge moisture wicking linen made from long staple cotton and eucalyptus to help wick moisture away from the body, creating a cleaner and healthier sleep environment.

We equip you with a sleep tracker to monitor your sleep. It recognizes respiration and body movement signals and assists with creating a better sleep environment by telling you how light, noise and temperature affect your sleep. Our wellness experts help you interpret the data during your 30-minute consultation. Any bumps in the night, and they’ll recommend a personalized program of lifestyle changes, spa treatments and activities to help improve sleep. 

Inside the Sleep Bag you’ll find sleep pajamas, eye mask, ear plugs, nose strips, nasal neti pot and jasmine sleep spritzer, and bathroom amenity. The Little Book of Wellness includes a worry journal to jot down thoughts that may keep you up at night. There’s also a memory stick with selection of videos featuring Dr. Breus offering a wealth of sleep suggestions and professional guidance. 

If you need additional help with drifting off to dreamland, there is the Sound + Sleep Ecotones Machine that produces 30 high-definition sounds of nature or white noises, specialty pillows for the body, side and back sleeping positions and a dehumidifier/humidifier to optimize the air.

Before you leave, you’ll receive sleep tips and details on how to purchase any of the products you used during your stay so you can continue getting a good night’s rest when home.

Sleep With Six Senses Upgrade is priced at:

USD 165 or EUR 150 per guest for the first night

USD 225 or EUR 200 per couple for the first night

USD 30 or EUR 27 per guest from the second night onwards 

Please contact the reservations department at your chosen resort and they’ll help you from there.

More about Guestroom Essentials

Because the importance of sleep goes way beyond just boosting your mood or banishing under-eye circles, we have brought together some of the best sleeping tools from handmade mattresses, temperature regulating pillows and duvets to organic cotton sheets. Under the guidance of Sleep Doctor Michael J. Breus, we ensure that every day ends in peaceful slumber.

The Bed

Handmade in England, the Naturalmat mattress is made from organic lamb’s wool that has been treated with essential oils. The coir fiber, one of the mattress’s prime components, comes from the only certified organic coconut plantation in the world. It makes your mattress fantastically springy and ensures unbeatable airflow, promoting healthy and natural sleep. Its quilted pure cotton cover will not let any bugs bite at night - it’s been treated with a natural anti-bug treatment. What’s more, it has a unique ability to wick away humidity, helping you maintain an even temperature at night.

Pillows and Duvets

The high quality, non-allergenic, organic and sustainable pillows and duvets by Hanse are resistant to dust mites and provide excellent thermal and climatic conditions for sleep. The unique pillow construction features a three-tier chamber that prevents flattening so it retains lightweight aspect and provides ideal conditions for a comfortable sleep.

The Linen

Beaumont & Brown top quality fabrics are woven from long-staple cotton that is expertly spun into superfine yarns by specialist weavers in Shangdong Province in China. From here, the raw fabric is sent on the roll to Nantong where it passes through various finishing processes that give the fabric superb whiteness and makes it ultra-smooth to touch. Beaumont & Brown identify and understand every step in their product’ manufacturing journey to ensure quality from the thread to the bed.


Sleep Well at Home

Continuing your new-found joy of a good night’s sleep once you have returned home is quite easy now that you have learned what you need to do and the small adjustments to make in your lifestyle.

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Sleep Video Gallery

Too much information in one hit? To make it simpler a library of 13 short videos is included on a memory stick in the upgrade Sleep Bag, or they can be viewed individually.

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Six Senses Integrated Wellness

Our innovative approach to wellness provides the best base possible to help you flourish, in tune with your natural flow. From our pioneering experts to our unique blend of high-tech science and high-touch therapies. From the food you eat to the way you sleep, the people you meet and the earth beneath your feet. Wellness is integrated into your whole Six Senses experience, and becomes a joyful way of life.

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